Real Name: Scott
Age: 25
Location: East Tennessee
Occupation: Exhausting
Fav Game: Quake II, Tempest, Phoenix
Favorite Mod: Qpong (this week)
Quake related programs: Qoole
Connection: 128k ISDN (through the biggest piece of shit ISP in the world... UT)
Pc Specs: Commodore 64, atari joysticks, Xenith 8" black and white T.V. with a Texas Instruments TI with a cassette player drive as a back up...all on ISDN...how speedy...
Pass Times: Playing Quake2, Snowboarding, Smokin' and such...(not in that order...especially such)
Quote: "Have a nice day Officer...."
E-Mail: a_bong_pot_@hotmail.com

ICQ: none....at this time