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People on #q2zone as of 06/18/18 16:30 EDT
Nickname Status User@Host
Q2Dude op, idle <- it's another channel bot
omega- op, idle <- it's me, the channel bot!
LordKaio op, idle ~lordkaio@pool-74-109-219-232.pitbpa.fios.verizon.net
Info: I want to touch Steve Jobs' zombie peepee!!!!
s2z idle slak2zone@submatrix.org
Info: I send messages between Slack and IRC BICHES
Hogie op, idle ~hogie@really.likesporn.com
Info: hogie's here to save the day!
rocky op, idle ~eat@108-198-5-161.lightspeed.okcbok.sbcglobal.net
Info: rocky, rocky, rocky
polizz op, idle ~me@24-171-101-36.dhcp.wstv.il.charter.com
slidez op, idle ~slide@24-205-149-90.dhcp.whtr.ca.charter.com
Info: Teh azn d00 ^_^
subs op, idle subs@
Chr[i]s idle uid61177@id-61177.highgate.irccloud.com

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