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id Software's Homepage - Where It All Began

- More Quake Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

- Another Excellent Quake 2 Site!

Cry Havoc Mod Homepage

Capture The Flag Homepage

Game Spy's Homepage

ircN Website - IRC Client so you can join our channel on EF-Net.

Recommended you get the ircN 6.02t, the ircN 6.02 fixes, and the ircN VB files (if you don't already have them).

The UNOFFICIAL Quake II Frequently Asked Questions

Total Domination's Homepage - #Clan_TD (EF-Net)

Dark Light's Homepage - #ClanDL (EF-Net)

Clan Cable Modem Warez Homepage - #CMWQ2 (EF-Net)

Dead Souls Homepage - #Dead-|-Souls (EF-Net)

Deadly Marine Corps Homepage - #DMC (EF-Net)

Legion of Darkness Homepage - #Clan_LOD (EF-Net)

Incomplete Domination Homepage - #Clan_ID (EF-Net)

Evil Empire Homepage - #EE (EF-Net)

dUMB Mutha F*ckaz Homepage - #dMF (EF-Net)

Clan Red Eye - #RE (EF-Net)

Clan SWAT - #swat (EF-Net)

Clan g0at - #g0at (EF-Net)

Clan Membership Inquiries: nothing@notyet.set

Webmaster Inquiries: subsidian@hempseed.com