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Description Extended Info File Name Size
All-Star2 v0.91 If you already have v0.90 of All-Star2, you can download this small patch. http - unavailable 
ftp - unavailable
Quake2 v3.17 x86 Patch This will update your x86 version of Quake2 to 3.17, and is required by any servers running Q2 v3.17. It lessens hyperblaster lag, adds auto-download, and more. 3.17 also adds auto-DL fixes. http - q2-317-x86.exe   
ftp - unavailable
Quake3 v3.17 x86 Patch 
(Includes DM)
If you have any version of Quake2 prior to 3.12, you must download this full patch instead, as it includes the DM levels that were included in the 3.12 point release. If you already have Quake2 3.12 or higher, you may download the small patch above. http - unavailable 
ftp - unavailable
All-Star2 v0.90 All-Star2 includes 7 new levels, with 2 or 3 remakes of your favorite Quake1 levels. It also includes Expert DM/CTF, Classic CTF, and a nifty server launch program. http - unavailable 
ftp - unavailable
Zoid's Q2CTF v1.02 This is the latest full install of Q2CTF http - unavailable 
ftp - unavailable
Q2CTF4a The official remake of Q2CTF4, with more balanced bases. http - q2ctf4a.exe
ftp - unavailable