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- Q2CTF4 Remake
- Webpage Woes
Wednesday, July 8th
Q2CTF4 Remake - 6:21pm CST - RoCkY

          The official remake of Q2CTF4, Q2CTF4a has been released. You can get it here, or from ID's FTP.

Monday, July 6th
Webpage Woes - 6:57pm CST - RoCkY

          Well, I hope you  had a good 4th Weekend, I know we didn't (Grr..)   

Our host had a mental breakdown and deleted our entire account, so we no longer have .plan updates or automated news. I WILL find a new host, I will be moving to soon. 

If everything goes right .. I will develop CGI news and .plan updates on this server. But I need someone with expertise in the field of web programming to help the Quake²Zone get back in business! If you know any good CGI, Perl, or any other useful sort of web code, e-mail me at