Welcome to the homepage for #q2zone on Efnet IRC!
#q2zone was started back in the day with the idea that it would be a great place for clans to setup matches. Since then it has grown considerably. We now offer a server-ping bot that works similarly to gamespy, a ra2 server (ask ops for the IP), and we have evolved into a channel for all forms of Quake2 players.
You have stumbled onto our website! Here we offer links to all the clans (well, the clans that have pages) represented in #q2zone, contact info for all OPs in #q2zone, and we offer a large selection of skins created by people who chat in #q2zone! Our skins range from clan skins to personal skins, and even the famous Toxic skin for astro boy (yes keyser chats in #q2zone).
We are just a bunch of saps who like to chat and play Q2 (and sometimes even have a match or two). Most of the clans here are very skilled and have good records, so if you're lookin for a good fight, head on over to the links page and pick from our many clan banners.
For those of you who are completely clueless to IRC chat, go to www.mirc.org and download mIRC 5.4. Then join an efnet server and you'll find us in #q2zone. If you're tired of regular mIRC, go to www.mircx.com and choose form many different script addons. Can't decide? Then jump to the homepage for GaNja ver.420 (yes, this *is* a shamless promotion). This script is used by several people who chat in #q2zone. If you have the script and would like the latest update, msg [MAuLER] in #q2zone.
Welp, that's it for now. Enjoy the site and check back often because as we come to speed it will be updated alot.