Rule #1: Your presence in #q2zone authorizes subsidian to butt sex0r you at his convience.
Rule #2: Anything you say can and will be quoted by Slide.
Rule #3: Pitt iz God (just agree with him, it will save a lot of time).
Rule #4: Smokin a_Bong is not only permitted, but encouraged.
Rule #5: Channel take-over attempts by members will not be tolerated (unless it's a very boring Saturday night).
Rule #6: [RoCkY] will insist your grammar, spelling, and punctuation be correct at all times. Otherwise, he will promptly correct you. Leaving you looking like the idiot that you probably are.
Rule #6: Do not op spoofers. (DOH)
Rule #7: Beware of [MAuLER]'s magic word!
Rule #8: `Princess makes your brain happy.
Rule #9: Don't piss off the ops. (They wear big boots)
Rule #10: You must do !mauler.
Rule #11: Don't mention hardware around [RoCkY] unless you have at least an hour to waste.
Rule #12: Poop[KOK] is now known as Lord[KOK]. Do not refer to him as Poop unless you are prepared to be bitch-slapped by `Princess.

Rule #13: All rules are subject to change without notice!